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Flexible Excel and Word Document Processing for SharePoint and .NET Applications
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Professional Services for OfficeWriter

Get the most from your software investments with SoftArtisans Professional Services for OfficeWriter. Through consulting, training, and pre-packaged services, SoftArtisans customers get direct access to expert technical resources to help reduce risk, cut costs, and get applications up and running quickly.

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Packaged Consulting Services


We have pre-packaged consulting options available to help you get started or enhance the performance of your OfficeWriter application.

Quick Start (1 day)
Description Duration Pricing
  • Presentation of product overview (2-4 hours depending on XW, WW, SSRS)
  • One-on-one time with developers to answer questions specific to application
  • High level review of requirements and architecture
  • Recommendations for best practices, architecture, performance, ease of code maintenance, etc.
1 day

$2,000 on-site
(plus travel exp)

$1,500 off-site

Quick Start + Requirements Analysis (2 days)
Description Duration Pricing
  • Quick Start services
  • In-depth analysis of requirements and architecture (and code is prototype has been built)
  • Specific recommendations for your application
2 days

$3,500 on-site
(plus travel exp)

$2,700 off-site

Performance Analysis (for existing OW applications)
Description Duration Pricing
  • Review application and architecture
  • Make specific recommendations
  • Demonstrate specific coding changes required
1 day

$2,000 on-site
(plus travel exp)

$1,500 off-site

Discounts are available for any second package purchased after the 1st.

Custom Application Development


Whether you are developing key applications for internal use or powerful solutions for your clients, SoftArtisans’ skilled engineers will be dedicated to your OfficeWriter project, providing an exclusive relationship that translates to a better understanding of your needs and optimal results. Our range of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Building complex multi-tiered web applications
  • SharePoint development
  • Database design
  • Project management
  • Graphic design
  • Application architecture
  • Web-based Excel and Word reporting
  • UI Design/Usability
  • Secure, multi-tiered file transfer applications

Regardless of size, in each consulting project, our services engineers utilize the best practice models for application development. We work with a variety of technologies:

  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server, Oracle
  • Web services
  • Ajax/Dynamic web
  • interfaces
  • Exchange integration
  • SSRS
  • Silverlight
  • WCF
  • LINQ





Looking to become highly skilled with OfficeWriter? Get the necessary tools to add rich functionality to your applications using OfficeWriter today!

On-site Training

By bringing the instruction to you, on-site training ensures that every necessary company employee has immediate access to SoftArtisans’ expert instructors. We work with you to customize the training materials and exercises to your specific needs, skills, and training budget. Geared towards .NET developers, the training includes hands-on labs that feature functionality from the OfficeWriter API. Perfect for both long-time users who want to gain expertise and those just getting started with the product.

Available for large and small teams.

If you have questions about our professional services, please contact SoftArtisans and we'll be happy to answer your questions:

+1877-SOFTART x1 (+1-877-763-8278 x1) | Email: