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"The OfficeWriter API is a .NET library by SoftArtisans that makes it easy for developers to add Excel and Word reporting and document processing to their own applications."
-Pinal Dave, Developer & Author of
"It's a matter of half-an-hour, at most, of playing with the application for you to learn it."
-Ella Maschiach, System Analyst & Olap Developer
"Overall I have been very pleased and, of course, excited at the different prospects that this plugin opens up."
-Jason Thomas, BI Consultant
"SoftArtisans provides easy-to-understand sample code, videos and pre-built SharePoint solutions that make getting started trivial."
-Paul Forsthoff, Consultant for EMC Global Services
"SoftArtisans' OfficeWriter takes Microsoft's Excel and Word and transforms them from mere spreadsheet and word processing documents to full-fledged data presentation and Business Intelligence delivery platforms."
-Andrew Brust, CEO of Blue Badge Insights
"The folks at SoftArtisans were very helpful in providing me the support I needed to work around the issue, even providing me up-to-the-minute builds of the product.  Anyone purchasing the product should expect the same level of support I received."
-Kevin Griffin, Software Developer
"The gap between the BDC and Microsoft Office is an ideal place to take advantage of OfficeWriter. By creating a custom OfficeWriter solution, we can utilize the data contained in the BDC to create Office documents."
-Scot Hillier, Consultant
"We had an exceptional experience using SoftArtisans Performance Tuning Services.  With their help, we were able to quickly optimize a business critical report that had become unusable due to performance issues.  The report runtime was reduced from 3+ minutes to 20 seconds including a doubled data set size.  Our business user community was thrilled.  We'll definitely use SoftArtisans consulting services again."
- IT Director, Maryland