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Add Office reporting to your .NET applications

The OfficeWriter API is a .NET library that makes it easy for developers to add Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reporting to their own applications. Download a free evaluation to see how OfficeWriter can enhance your reports.


Flexible design options

Take advantage of two distinct design options in OfficeWriter. Combine both for rich Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reports.
Flexible design options

Template-based approach

Define your formatting and layout in the template file and OfficeWriter dynamically merges in your data. Easily convert existing reports into templates and populate a file with data in as few as 5 lines of code.  


Rich object model

Work with familiar file objects such as Workbook, Cell, Document, Section, Chart, Style Presentation, and Slides.
Customize existing files or create from scratch.
Rich object model
Scalable and Secure

Scalable and Secure

Keep Office off the server with OfficeWriter (see why automating Office on the server can cause problems). OfficeWriter is optimized for high performance, maximum scale, and enterprise data.  


OfficeWriter Video

Want to see what OfficeWriter can do for you?
Check out our 2 minute video or visit our YouTube page for other helpful video resources.
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