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PowerPointWriter Features

PowerPointWriter provides a template-based approach to dynamically generate presentations without the use of PowerPoint automation.

Use formatted placeholders for importing data and images anywhere in a presentation. Bind the data in code once and populate every placeholder.

Add calculations such as SUM, PRODUCT, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX and COUNT with PowerPointWriter’s basic formulas.

template-based approach

PowerPointWriter has the ability to automatically repeat lists, tables, and entire slides to accommodate multiple rows of data.
Control how the data is imported to avoid spilling off the edge of a slide.

Repeating slides
Take the design aspect out of code and into PowerPoint, where presentations were meant to be designed.

With as little as 5 lines of code, you can insert data and images on the fly.
Repeating lists or tables
For more information, check out the Documentation.
Want to see how else you can take advantage of PowerPointWriter? Check out our use cases.

PowerPointWriter Video Overview

PowerPointWriter is the template-based approach to building your presentations. Make quality company presentations by merging your data with PowerPoint using as little as 5 lines of code.

See what you can do with PowerPointWriter here!

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