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PowerPointWriter provides a new way to populate PowerPoint presentations with data. The template-based approach makes it easy to generate presentations on the fly.

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What is PowerPointWriter? Learn the basics...

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PowerPointWriter provides a new way to populate PowerPoint.



Calculation Engine

Calculation Engine

Now you can calculate the results of formulas in Excel workbooks using ExcelWriter. This initial release of the calculation engine currently supports these formulas. Learn more about the Calculation Engine in this short video.

Need a formula that’s not currently supported? Contact us.


New ExcelWriter Features Spotlight

Check out these other new features available in ExcelWriter starting in OfficeWriter 9!

Worksheet protection properties


Calculation Engine


...and More!

arrow Bind custom objects to ExcelTemplate
arrow Ignore certain merge fields when processing WordTemplate
arrow Improved flexibility when binding data
arrow For details, please see our Change Log.

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