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OfficeWriter for .NET Core

The OfficeWriter API is a .NET Core library that makes it easy for developers to add Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to their own applications. OfficeWriter for .NET Core currently does not support XLS file formats. For more information on the product and for installation information visit our wiki.

Flexible Operating Systems

.NET Core runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems allowing OfficeWriter to be run cross-platform. For more information on .NET Core.


PowerPointWriter & Calculation Engine


Import Multiple RowsAdd PowerPoint to your .NET applications with OfficeWriter’s newest tool. Focus design efforts in PowerPoint to create templates, and then import data with as little as 5 lines of code.

PowerPointWriter supports images, basic formulas, and automatic repeat behavior to import multiple rows of data.


Learn more about PowerPointWriter & the new features

Click to learn more about PowerPointWriter

New Features

Calculation Engine - Evaluate formulas on the server using ExcelWriter.

Worksheet Protection Properties

 - Set which items are accessible when a worksheet is protected.

Multiple Consolidation PivotTables

 - Create PivotTables from multiple consolidation ranges.


OfficeWriter API for Excel and Word

The OfficeWriter API is a .NET library that allows you to generate, manipulate, and read Excel and Word documents from your own applications.
OfficeWriter API for Excel and Word
The OfficeWriter API makes it easy for developers to add Excel and Word reporting and document processing to their own applications.
To learn more about the OfficeWriter API Click to learn more about the OfficeWriter API

Intuitive API -

The OfficeWriter object model is simple because it’s based around Excel and Word document constructs that you already know.

Multiple File Formats -

Supports XLSX and DOCX, as well as legacy XLS and DOC file formats.

Flexible Design Options -

Process workbooks and documents with a fully programmatic object model, or design report templates in Office and merge them with data with as little as five lines of code.

Safe for Servers -

OfficeWriter does not require Office on the server, and is designed for high performance and maximum scale